Round, Raised Rash On Your Body? What It May Be And What You Should Do

Posted on: 5 November 2021

If you have a rash on the body that is raised all the way around the circle, it's more than likely ringworm. This is a skin condition that is highly contagious and can be transferred from person to person. Ringworm can affect anyone, young, old, and everything in between. If you have ringworm, you need to have it treated right away. Read on for a few other things you should do if you have contracted ringworm.

Wash Your Bedding Often

Be sure to wash your bedding often. If it's on your body, be sure to keep it covered with clothing if at all possible. If not possible, you need to wash your bedding as the oils from the rash can cause it to spread to other parts of the body very easily. Wash your bedding in hot water and dry it on the hottest setting possible to help kill the bacteria on the fabric. The same goes for any clothing you've worn as well.

Don't Reuse Towels

If you reuse your towels for a day or two, you need to stop doing so. The bacteria on the towel can cause this rash to spread to other parts of the body. Wash your towels in hot water, just as you would your bedding and clothing. Try not to reuse your towels at all for anything, and never share your towels with anyone either.

Clean Surfaces Thoroughly

You should be sure to clean your home thoroughly with bleach or a bleach solution to kill the bacteria on surfaces that can spread to others. If you go to the gym, wipe down the equipment you use to prevent spreading the bacteria to others. If you play a sport, especially a sport such as wrestling, you need to be sure you don't share any equipment with others, and the mats should be cleaned thoroughly.

Wash Your Hands Often

You need to try your best not to scratch the affected areas and wash your hands if you do. Wash them thoroughly, and be sure to get beneath the fingernails where the germs live and can easily spread. Wash your hands with warm water and with soap, and do your best to keep your hands to yourself.

If you have a raised rash on your body that is a round circle, it's more than likely ringworm. Get to the dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and for treatment of this skin condition. Use the information above to help prevent spreading it further on your body and to prevent spreading it to others. Contact a medical dermatology office to learn more.